Local Vendors

We value supporting local growers and makers and use their provisions when we just can't resist. The list below represents a sampling of local and regional vendors, craftspeople, farmers, and ranchers that we source from.

Local Austin Vendors

Teo’s Gelato & Café

Austin Pasta & Co.

The Pastry Shop at 34th Street Café

Farm to Table

Locally Crafted Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Duchman Family Vineyards

Lewis Winery 

Live Oak Brewery

Deep Eddie Handmade Spirits

Tito’s Vodka

Revolution Spirits

Dripping Spring Vodka

St. Arnold's Brewery


Local & Regional Farms & Ranches

Good Flow Honey

Capra Lamb

Berkwood Farms

44 Farms

Strube Ranch

Honey Doe Farms

Village Farms